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AdinPlayYour partner in ad monetization

Maximize the ad revenues from your websites, apps and online games. AdinPlay is a specialist in video, rewarded video, standard and native banner ad formats.

Our Mission is to Maximize Your Ad Revenues

AdinPlay is a technology company providing publishers with ad monetization solutions. AdinPlay provides its partners with easy to integrate optimised ad solutions and offers extensive consultancy on the ad implementation. Working with header bidding, open bidding, leveraging programmatic sales and yield management in a data driven holistic approach, AdinPlay assures that its partners get the best from their ad space.

What we do

Cutting Edge Ad Tech

We always stay on top of the game with our ad tech, utilizing the newest tools and trends in ad monetization to bring the best value to our partners.

Header Bidding

Our ad stack consists of dozens of ad sources bidding on the traffic via server and client side header bidding to maximize the value of each ad impression.

Fast Payments

We know that fast and reliable payments are bedrock of good partnership and that is why we offer one of the fastest payments in the industry.

Tap Into Experience

Our team consists of vetted ad monetization veterans ready to support you through ad implementation and provide you with useful guidance on best ad monetization practices.

Trustworthy partner

Over 1000 websites have entrusted us their ad monetization.

Unified Reporting

We provide our partners with access to unified reporting dashboard with data reconciled from dozens of ad sources.

Multiple ad formats

We work with multiple ad formats: banner display, native, video and rewarded video to offer perfect ad format mix for websites of partners.

Ad refresh

Working with us you can earn more from the same amount of page views. We provide our partners with dynamic ad refresh solutions to take full advantage of longer session duration.

Ad policy

Our team will make sure that your websites comply with ad implementation and user consent policies.

Ad types

Banner ads are popular and easy to integrate ad format. We offer:

  • Easy to integrate ad codes powered by header bidding.
  • Access to best demand sources.
  • Extensive consultation on the ad implementation allowing to avoid implementation mistakes and ad policy issues.
  • Native ad formats.

Integrate AdinPlay video ad player into your online game. Take advantage of very high RPMs without compromising the user experience.

  • Easy to integrate video ad player
  • Header bidding powered yield management of video ad inventory
  • Fully unified HTML5 solution both for desktop and mobile traffic
  • Outstanding support during and post implementation

Rewarded ads are ads that users can choose to watch in exchange for access to restricted part of your website, points, or any other digital reward.

  • Easy to integrate
  • High eCPMs
  • Outstanding support during and post implementation
  • High level of user satisfaction due to the transactional nature of rewarded ads, user gets rewarded for watching them.
  • Watch an example how you can implement a rewarded app here
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AdinPlay is Google Certified

AdinPlay is one of the small selected group of companies holding an exclusive certification from Google. As a Google Certified Publishing Partner AdinPlay receives broad support and tools from Google to get the best from Google ad demand for AdinPlay partners.

Some of Our Ad Demand Partnerships

AdinPlay in numbers

Happy Websites
+ Billion
Monthly Banner Ad Impressions
Monthly Video Ad Impressions

Referral program

Are you happy with our service and know a fellow publisher who could also benefit from working with us? You can refer them to us and earn 10% referrer fee every month.

Refer and earn 10% a month: For every publisher you refer to AdinPlay who starts working with us you will earn every month 10% of the net revenues AdinPlay makes from that publisher.

Lifelong payments: For as long as the referred publisher works with us you will receive the monthly 10% referrer fee.

No limits to the number of new partners: You can refer as many partners as you want and get paid the referrer fee for each of them.

Each AdinPlay partner can refer new partners: You need to be an AdinPlay partner with an active dashboard account to refer new partners

Questions? Shoot an email to your account manager at AdinPlay.

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