AdinPlay Referral Program
Earn 10% commission by recommending our services

AdinPlay Referral Program

Are you happy with our service and know a fellow publisher who could also benefit from working with us? You can refer them to us and earn 10% referrer fee every month.

Refer and earn 10% a month

For every publisher you refer to AdinPlay who starts working with us you will earn every month 10% of the net revenues AdinPlay makes from that publisher.

Lifelong payments

For as long as the referred publisher works with us you will receive the monthly 10% referrer fee.

No limits to the number of new partners

You can refer as many partners as you want and get paid the referrer fee for each of them.

Each AdinPlay partner can refer new partners

You need to be an AdinPlay partner with an active dashboard account to refer new partners


Shoot an email to your account manager at AdinPlay.

Refer a partner


New partner you are referring

After receiving your submission we will review it and send a registration link to the new partner you have submitted. You will be informed about it via email.